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Y-12 National Security Complex, US Department of Energy
Federal Government
2016 EPEAT Purchaser Award – 2 Stars

2015 EPEAT Purchaser Award – 3 Stars

Jan Jackson



The sustainable acquisition requirements of DOE Acquisition Regulation clause 952.223-78 was incorporated into Y-12’s procurement clauses during Fiscal Year 2011. The terms and conditions were revised in 2012 to include Federal Acquisition Regulation clause 52.223-15. In April 2013 and July 2014 Y-12’s terms and conditions were modeled after sustainable acquisition DEAR Clause 952.223-78, which includes the requirements for considering recycled content, bio-based content, energy efficient, water efficient, and other environmentally preferable products. Therefore, all contracts issued after October 1, 2013 contain the sustainable acquisition clauses.

Additionally, sustainable acquisition requirements are included in all Accelerated Vendor Inventory Delivery (AVID) preferred vendor contracts. AVID vendors are required to sign an annual Sustainable Acquisition Program certification statement that states they will provide Y-12 with products that meet requirements for recycled content, bio-based content, Energy Star and/or Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) requirements, WaterSense ®, support the use of less toxic materials, provide Safer Choice labeled products, Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program substitutes for ozone-depleting chemicals, provide SmartWay products, support the overall use of alternative fuels and energy efficient products provides, and the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), as applicable. This allows Y-12 to maximize the purchase of materials to meet the requirements for recycled content in Fiscal Year 2015.

Over their lifetime, compared to products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, the 2,570 EPEAT registered electronics purchased by Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC; Y-12 National Security Complex in 2015 will result in environmental impact reductions including:

  • Reduce use of primary materials by 183.7 metric tons, equivalent to the weight of 5 tractor-trailer 18-wheelers
  • Avoid the disposal of 1.6 metric tons of hazardous waste, equivalent to the weight of 13 refrigerators
  • Eliminate the equivalent of one U.S. households’ annual solid waste—2.2 metric tons


Energy-Related Savings
EPEAT’s requirement that registered products meet the latest ENERGY STAR specifications means these products will consume less energy throughout their useful life, resulting in:

  • Savings of 511,000 kWh of electricity—enough to power 40 U.S. homes for a year
  • Avoidance of 822 kg of water pollutant emissions
  • Reduction of 92.9 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions— equivalent to taking 67 average U.S. passenger cars off the road for a year
  • $39,810 in energy cost savings

*EPEAT Purchasing Tier indicates how many EPEAT categories are specified in the organization’s purchasing agreements