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US Department of Energy
National Government
Department of Energy (DOE) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) Task Order under the Alliant Small Business multiple award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (MA/IDIQ) Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).

Cate Berard, Department of Energy, 202-586-2334

$484 million over 4 years

February 2012
H.12 ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT TOOL If electronic hardware is procured in an individual Order under the Basic Contract, GSA encourages Contractors to participate in and to utilize the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). EPEAT is a procurement tool designed to help institutional purchasers evaluate, compare, and select desktop computers, laptops, and monitors based upon their environmental attributes as specified in the consensus-based IEEE Standard for the Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products (1680).

On individuals Orders, when products meeting the IEEE Standard are available, additional consideration will be provided for products meeting EPEAT Silver or EPEAT Gold registration requirements. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring equipment meets the latest EPEAT registration requirements before it is delivered. The registration requirements and a list of all equipment meeting the requirements are provided at: www.epeat.net. If EPEAT is applicable on an individual Order, suppliers are required to provide quarterly reports quantifying the number of EPEAT registered products purchased under this contract. The information must be reported in the matrix below, providing the following data for the current quarter, the fiscal year, and the duration of the Order. {Reporting table of products by tier.}

*EPEAT Purchasing Tier indicates how many EPEAT categories are specified in the organization’s purchasing agreements