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Washington Purchasing Manual Rev 7/2010

Tina Simcich

Washington Purchasing Manual https://www.ga.wa.gov/PCA/Forms/Washington-Purchasing-Manual.pdf 6.20. Purchase of Electronic Products As required by state law under RCW 43.19.539, the Department of General Administration has established the following purchasing preferences for electronic products: 1) Purchasing activities will purchase gold rated EPEAT registered electronic products.When gold rated products are not available, are not life cycle cost efficient, and do not meet reasonable performance standards; the purchasing activity may acquire silver rated electronic products. Information including a searchable product registry on EPEAT-registered computer products is available at . 2) Purchasing activities will acquire RoHS compliant electronic products; provided such products are available, are life cycle cost efficient, and meet reasonable performance requirements. RoHS compliant electronic products must carry the RoHS label or indicate in its product literature that RoHS requirements have been met. Information about RoHS requirements can be found at www.rohs.gov.uk. 3) When acquiring electronic products that do not have an EPEAT ranking or a RoHS certification, the purchasing activity must grant a preference to those products with the least hazardous materials. The purchasing activity may consider other product environmental certifications in their award criteria if the result would reduce or eliminate hazardous materials. 4) Agencies are encouraged to consult with their representative from DIS to identify the most current best practices used to extend the life of electronic equipment. This will minimize the environmental impact of hazardous materials in electronic products. For more information please contact DIS Technology Acquisition Services (TAS) at 360- 753-2454 or email ServiceDesk@dis.wa.gov

*EPEAT Purchasing Tier indicates how many EPEAT categories are specified in the organization’s purchasing agreements