Purchaser Profile

Purchaser Name Office of Scientific and Technical Information, US DOE
EPEAT Purchasing Categories Computers & Displays, Office Printing Equipment, Servers
Purchaser Type US Federal Government
Awards 2019 EPEAT Purchaser Award – 3 Stars

2018 EPEAT Purchaser Award -2 Stars

2017 EPEAT Purchaser Award – 2 Stars

EPEAT Benefits Over their lifetime, compared to products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, the 55 EPEAT registered electronics purchased by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information in 2018 will result in environmental impact reductions including:

  • Reduce use of primary materials by 6.2 metric tons, equivalent to the weight of 1 elephant
  • Avoid the disposal of 54 kg of hazardous waste, equal to half the weight of a refrigerator
  • Eliminate the equivalent of one U.S. households’ solid waste for four months—610 kg
  • Avoidance of 41 kg of water pollutant emissions

Energy-Related Savings

EPEAT’s requirement that registered products meet, and often exceed, the latest ENERGY STAR specifications means these products will consume less energy throughout their useful life, resulting in:

  • Savings of 38,403 kWh of electricity—enough to power 3.2 U.S. households for a year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 16 metric tons of CO2 equivalents—equal to taking 3.4 average U.S. passenger cars off the road for a year
  • $2,889 in lifetime cost savings
EPEAT Language If electronic hardware is procured, Contractors or vendors shall provide Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registered products for consideration.  This presently applies to computers and displays, imaging equipment and televisions and also applies to any products registered to EPEAT in the future.  EPEAT Gold registered products shall be provided if available, if not then the highest EPEAT rating available in the product category.  The Contractor or vendor is responsible for ensuring products meet the latest EPEAT requirements at the time of delivery. Visit www.epeat.net for complete product specifications, registration requirements, and updated lists of registered products.   It is OSTI’s policy to purchase/require Gold EPEAT products whenever available so long as the specifications meet OSTI’s operational needs.

Suppliers are required to provide [quarterly/semiannual/annual] reporting on the number of EPEAT registered products purchased under this contract. For each piece of equipment sold, EPEAT Registration Status (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Unregistered) must be provided. The information must be reported in aggregate in a matrix providing the following data:

*EPEAT Purchasing Tier indicates how many EPEAT categories are specified in the organization’s purchasing agreements