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March 30, 2020, 5PM PDT/ 8PM EDT

Update on EPEAT Registry Outage

This is an update to the EPEAT Registry outage caused by an interruption in service from our prior platform service provider. GEC is currently transitioning to a new platform provider.

GEC has completed an initial internal review of the EPEAT Registry data being transitioned to the new platform and is working with EPEAT Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) and relevant participating manufacturers to further validate data.  This additional data validation activity means that the public facing EPEAT Registry will not be available until April 8.  It is the utmost priority of GEC to ensure the accuracy of the data being transitioned to the new EPEAT Registry platform.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete the EPEAT Registry platform transition and restore full search capability of the EPEAT Registry by April 8.

For more information or further assistance during this outage, please contact us at Support@GreenElectronicsCouncil.org.

March 20, 2020, 2PM PDT/ 5PM EDT

EPEAT Registry Experiencing Unexpected Outage

The EPEAT Registry has experienced an interruption in service from our platform service provider.  Due to circumstances beyond our control with our platform service provider, there is no access to the EPEAT Registry.  We had been planning to make a transition to a new platform service provider at the end of April, but have been forced to make the transition earlier than anticipated.   

 Our technical team is working diligently to complete the platform transition by April 1st, which will also include new and improved site functionality.  We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for patience as we make this platform transition. 

It is possible to download category-specific detailed product reports that provide product identifying information and the criteria declarations for all ACTIVE products within each product category in an Excel file.  These reports reflect the products on the EPEAT Registry as of 9 PM EDT, March 19.  To access the reports, please use the links below:

For more information or further assistance during this outage, please contact us at Support@GreenElectronicsCouncil.org.

 EPEAT Purchaser Award Applications

We realize many purchasers utilize the EPEAT Registry to complete their 2020 EPEAT Purchaser Awards application. GEC is extending the EPEAT Purchaser Awards application deadline to April 30 to give organizations flexibility during this time. 

 Thank you for your patience. 

EPEAT Registry

Your resource for greener electronics. EPEAT is the definitive global registry for sustainable electronics. It’s an easy-to-use resource for purchasers, manufacturers, re-sellers and others wanting to find or promote environmentally preferable products.  


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EPEAT Criteria

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EPEAT Verification

The Green Electronics Council uses a “declare and verify” system to govern the addition of products to EPEAT. To register products in EPEAT, manufacturers must sign a contract requiring them to accurately declare that their products meet system criteria. Manufacturers must possess and produce evidence to support all declarations (as specified in the relevant standard) upon request by the Green Electronics Council and/or their Conformity Assurance Body.

This system, designed by the EPEAT system’s original stakeholders, addresses the unique characteristics of the electronic products marketplace. Electronics experience very high rates of change in components and sourcing from product launch through the end of their commercial lives. Certification is currently offered for the Mobile Phone category and it is being developed for the remaining product categories.