EPEAT Pledge


EPEAT is the leading global ecolabel for IT products. By buying EPEAT-registered IT products, you demonstrate to your customers, employees and other stakeholders that your organization is a sustainability leader. Show your organization’s commitment to sustainable commerce, people, and the planet by taking the EPEAT Pledge.

Join the global movement towards more sustainable IT purchasing, pledge to:

✓ Choose to purchase EPEAT-registered IT products

✓ Communicate your EPEAT Pledge commitment to your stakeholders

Why Pledge?

The EPEAT Pledge can help meet your IT sustainability goals and requirements for:  
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • UN Global Compact
  • CDP annual carbon disclosures
  • Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI)
  • Dow Jones Sustainable Indexes (DJSI)
  • ISE 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement
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Five great reasons to take the pledge and show your organization’s commitment to sustainable IT purchasing:  
  1. No Fee: It’s free to sign up
  2. EPEAT-registered Products: Choosing to purchase EPEAT-registered IT products takes the guesswork out of identifying credible, sustainable products
  3. Meet Your Goals: The pledge is an easy, effective way to meet your low carbon and sustainability goals, which often result in reduced energy costs.
  4. Stakeholder Messaging: On your website and within your annual reports, you can state, “We’ve taken the EPEAT Pledge showing our commitment to sustainable IT Purchasing”.
  5. Helpful Resources: Pledge participants receive simple, tangible guidelines and resources to help implement the EPEAT Pledge.


We’ve just launched the EPEAT Pledge. Come back soon to see who’s taken the pledge to join the global movement towards more sustainable IT purchasing.


What is EPEAT?
EPEAT is the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector. It helps organizations evaluate their IT purchases and supports sustainable procurement. LEARN MORE
What is the EPEAT Pledge?
By signing up, your organization makes a promise to support more sustainable IT purchasing by pledging to buy EPEAT-registered products, as well as incorporating EPEAT as a preferred standard within your procurement policies.
Is my organization committing to purchasing 100% EPEAT-registered products?
No, each company will set their own commitments. When messaging to your stakeholders, you can determine your level of EPEAT procurement, for example, “Our organization has taken the EPEAT Pledge. We have committed to having 80% of our computer and monitor purchases be EPEAT registered”
What types of IT products does EPEAT cover?
The EPEAT IT product device categories include computers and displays, imaging equipment, televisions, and mobiles phones. Available categories may differ per country, you can find out more through the EPEAT Registry. Your organization can choose the categories relevant to your procurement goals and needs.
How can I learn which EPEAT-registered products are available in my country?
Through the EPEAT-registry, you can find the complete list of all available EPEAT–Registered products and IT device categories per country.
How can my organization incorporate EPEAT as a standard in procurement policies?
By taking the EPEAT Pledge, organizations commit to formally create or add EPEAT requirements into their IT product procurement policy standards. GEC is able to provide example draft language for incorporating EPEAT as a preferred standard into your organization’s policies when evaluating IT product purchasing. LEARN MORE
Will the pledge help with my reduced carbon goals? How can I message this?
Many organizations are looking for tangible ways to demonstrate their commitment to the environment with their stakeholders. By taking the EPEAT Pledge, your organization is showing your support towards more sustainable procurement and reduced carbon goals. You can mention the EPEAT Pledge in your annual reports, as well as messaging to your employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders, by stating, ““We’ve taken the EPEAT Pledge, showing our commitment to sustainable IT purchasing.”
What’s the difference between taking the EPEAT Pledge and being an EPEAT Purchaser?
The EPEAT Pledge is the first step in your organization’s public commitment to more sustainable IT purchasing. It declares your organization’s intent to purchase EPEAT-registered IT products and to incorporate EPEAT as a preferred standard in your procurement policies. For the next step, once you have achieved your promise, your organization will be listed as an EPEAT Purchaser and is eligible to apply for the EPEAT Purchaser Awards.
What can I do if I have additional questions?
Send us your questions and a GEC representative will get back to you shortly. CONTACT US