EPEAT™ Benefits Calculator


The GEC Benefits Calculator includes three modules: mobile phones, servers and computers and displays. You can enter data into one, two or all three modules. The calculator will provide you with aggregate results for all categories , as well as results by product category.

To start, please select a product category below and fill in the requested data. The information icons provide more detail about the requested data. You will be prompted if required data fields have not been completed. When you are finished with data input for the product category, you can either click on “Get Results” or select another product category and fill in the requested data. The calculator will store all data inputs until you are ready to view the results.  

The calculator requires limited data input, including the number of products purchased by EPEAT level (bronze, silver and gold) and the geographic region where the product will be used. Click on the “Optional Data Entry” if you want to estimate the benefits of keeping your products longer before replacing them, donating the products for reuse by a second user, or recycling the products.

Region of use is required to calculate the environmental impacts associated with the mix of fuels used to generate electricity in the region where the phone is used. The default for electricity cost is the cost per kWh of U.S. electricity reported in U.S. dollars. If you choose to enter your cost per kWh of electricity for your specific location of use, you must enter both the cost and the corresponding currency units in the fields provided. The calculator relies on the user to specify their desired cost basis; the tool does not include any cost conversions.

After entering data, click on results button to view benefits in aggregate or in more detail by product or lifecycle phase. The results page also allows the user to customize which benefits are displayed, view benefits in familiar equivalents (e.g., cars off the road), and download results as an Excel document.

If you are using Internet Explorer browser and are unable to view icon images, please go to your Internet Explorer Security Settings and make sure Font download is enabled.