2020 Technology & Conservation Webinar Series

Technology’s Role in Conserving and Protecting Our Natural World

In this 4-part webinar seriesGEC will explore how technology can protect our world.  

While this webinar series was originally conceived to increase awareness about technologies used in conservation, GEC recognizes that during these unprecedented times, we can support our stakeholders by sharing how technology is helping organizations continue to meet their missions and readjust their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hope is that by amplifying lessons learned and asking the hard questions today, we can collectively build a more sustainable future. 

Biodiversity and conservation are of critical importance as the world faces an alarming decline in plant and animal species.  How species loss will affect the well-being of life on our planet is unknown. A recent United Nations’ report projects that up to 1 million of the world’s estimated 8 million plant and animal species could be lost over the coming decades. While food crop production has increased 300% since 1970, 23% of land areas have reduced productivity because of land degradation, 11% of the world’s population is undernourished, and seed diversity for the crops we rely on has decreased significantly. As the world struggles to rein in greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change, loss of animal and plant diversity threatens our ability to feed ourselves, discover new medicines and counteract the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.  

The first webinar in our series focuses on how organizations can maintain their missions and sustainability goals while working remotely at a global scale.   

The remaining GEC webinars explore how technology, like drones, sensors, and apps, have the potential to identify, monitor, and create action around biodiversity and conservation issues, for protecting our natural world 

Dates for the webinars will be posted shortly.