2019 Smart City Webinar Series

Exploring the opportunities, hidden impacts and challenges of Smart Cities

Individuals, companies and cities are all benefiting from the connectivity and data functionality provided by sensors. Millions of these electronic devices are being deployed in cities around the world to increase efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and livability to become “smart.” The many benefits provided by sensors is fueling a projected 13.2% compound annual growth rate for the sensor market through 2023, with estimates of one trillion sensors being deployed across the globe by 2020.

Join the Green Electronics Council (GEC) as we explore the opportunities, hidden impacts and challenges associated with the technology making smart cities possible. This five-part webinar series will focus on the key ingredients needed to make a smart, sustainable, and resilient city of any size and start the conversation on areas of concern that could foil the smartest of smart cities. The series will wrap-up by highlighting the 2019 GEC Catalyst Awards recipients, a group of innovative leaders in the sensors and sustainability field.

Webinar #1:

How to Make Your City Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 8:00am Pacific

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Smart and sustainable cities are quickly appearing around the globe, and at the same time, more cities are focusing on becoming resilient to a variety of shocks and stressors. What does it mean for a city to be smart, sustainable, and resilient, how are these initiatives similar and different, and how does a city address cybersecurity issues associated with smart city technology? This webinar will dive into these concepts and provide examples of the tools cities are using to make their communities smart, sustainable, and resilient, including procurement and public private partnerships.

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Webinar #2:

Is Technology Eroding the Sustainability of Smart Cities?Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 8:00am Pacific

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A smart city depends on technological solutions, like sensors, to operate transportation systems and energy grids more efficiently, detect pollutants in air and water, and monitor public safety. But can technology also be a source of sustainability concerns? Are cities ramping up to address public health, safety and well-being within their borders, while ignoring the potential consequences of the proliferation of technology? This webinar will look at sensors and other technology used to make a city smart, the potential unintended environmental consequences of “smart city” technologies, and strategies to mitigate these impacts.
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Webinar #3:

How to ensure everyone gets to live in a Smart City
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 8:00am Pacific

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The idea of smart cities conjures visions of New York, London, and Shanghai, and all their infrastructure seamlessly operating at the touch of a button. These big cities are taking the idea of a smart city to the next level by using technology to reduce their impact on the environment and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Do small and medium-sized cities, which can use this technology just as much as their larger counterparts, have access to smart city technologies? How do cities of any size ensure that their vulnerable populations can access information and services and do not get left behind in this technological revolution? Join us for a much-needed conversation to make sure everyone benefits from smart city technologies.

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Webinar #4:

The Importance of Putting People First in Smart City Projects
Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 8:00am Pacific

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Smart cities cannot thrive on technology alone. Collaboration between government, citizens, industry, and educational institutions is imperative to ensure a smart city is successfully addressing the issues important to the community. This webinar will explore the valuable and necessary human components that make a smart city prosper, including best practices for planning and community engagement, looking beyond city borders to address regional issues and goals, and developing the skillsets for a smart city workforce.

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Webinar #5:

Inspiring the Future of Smart Cities: 2019 Catalyst Award Winners
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 8am Pacific

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Join us as we celebrate the 2019 GEC Catalyst Awards Winners achievements in the field of the smart cities, sensors, and sustainability! The winners of these awards will provide an overview of their path to success and share how other organizations can adopt these groundbreaking practices.

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