to providing credible sustainable IT products to institutional purchasers through EPEAT.



for manufacturing and purchasing practices that improve the health of the environment and the quality of life for people everywhere.


in supporting institutional purchasers by addressing the challenges facing sustainable procurement of IT.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

The IT sector today is not as sustainable as GEC envisions it can become.  Even with significant efforts by IT sector members, IT products continue to consume unsustainable amounts of materials and natural resources, be a source of hazardous substances and add to the ever-growing problem of global waste.   While the IT sector is making strides to address social impacts within IT supply chains, there continue to be the challenges of sourcing from conflict zones, worker exposure to toxic substances during the manufacturer and assembly process and unacceptable labor and human rights behaviors.  GEC’s mission of only a world of sustainable IT products seeks to help address the negative environmental and social aspects of the IT sector while maximizing the many positive impacts that technology has on our daily lives.  Through EPEAT and other initiatives, GEC seeks to increase the design, manufacture and use of sustainable technology around the world.