GEC Catalyst Awards

GEC Catalyst Awards

The mission of the Green Electronics Council (GEC) is to achieve a world in which only sustainable electronics are designed, manufactured and purchased. The GEC Catalyst Awards seek to inspire innovation in the design, manufacture and use of Information Technology (IT) to advance sustainability globally.

Each year the Catalyst Awards focus on a different theme. The 2018 Catalyst Awards theme isPCHAlliance Logo Advancing Human Wellness Through IT. Additional information about the 2018 Catalyst Awards is available on this page. Please note that the nomination period for the 2018 Catalyst Awards has now closed. Through GEC’s partnership with the Personal Connected Health Alliance, the 2018 Catalyst Awards ceremony will take place in mid-October as part of the Connected Health Conference.

GEC provides two Catalyst Awards. The first is “Catalyzing Impact at Scale,” which recognizes organizations that have achieved a large-scale sustainability impact due to their design, manufacture and/or use of IT. The second is “Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation,” which recognizes organizations that have designed cutting-edge technologies or used technology in such a way that, if adopted widely, could lead to exponential sustainability gains.

2018 Catalyst Awards Judging Committee

Jim Ellis

Executive Director, Research Alliances and Technology Development
Lerner Research Institute

Erwan Rivet

Senior Director, Head of Software Engineering
Merck Group


John Sharp

Senior Manager
Personal Connected Health Alliance

Joel Sigler

National Environmental Program Leader
Kaiser Permanente

Indu Subaiya

Health 2.0 Executive Vice President
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS)

Dr. Yuebing Zheng

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

2018 Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

Nominations are open worldwide for any organization committed to a world of sustainable electronics and that understands the positive impact sustainable IT can have on human wellness. Nominations for a Catalyst Award will be accepted for products, processes, policies and programs that were launched in the past five (5) years. The object of the nomination must be the intellectual property of the nominee. All nominations must be presented in English. Self-nominations and external nominations are both acceptable. All nominations submitted by an entity other than the proposed winner must describe their relationship at the time of submission. No entity may win two consecutive Catalyst Awards.

You may download the Award Application at this link. Please note that the nomination process for the 2018 Catalyst Awards has now closed.

Opportunities for Recognition

The Green Electronics Council Catalyst Award provides an international platform to showcase sustainability achievements of and with electronics. Winning a Green Electronics Council Catalyst Award provides public endorsement by independent and esteemed experts, and grants inclusion in various marketing efforts to promote the winners’ accomplishments. Catalyst Award winners will be showcased via:

  • An awards ceremony held at the Connected Health Conference in October 2018
  • Programmatic inclusion in the 2018 Connected Health Conference
  • Promotion on the Green Electronics Council website and via press release
  • Promotion in Connected Health Conference marketing materials produced by the Personal Connected Health Association and the Green Electronics Council
  • Green Electronics Council co-marketing support for the winning entities
Nomination Application

Please note that the nomination period for the 2018 Catalyst Awards has now closed. Nominations were submitted in PDF format using one of the “Submit Your Nomination” buttons on this webpage. The nomination form is available for download at this link. Each nomination should be comprised of three sections: contact information, a one-page Executive Summary, and a full submission that should not exceed 5 pages. Quantitative data addressing the nomination’s sustainability and wellness claims is not required, but it may strengthen the submission if included. Each nomination must respond to all three sections below. Each question need not be answered in detail; responding to each question will enable the judges to better evaluate the submission.

Section 1:

Name of organization being recognized in the nomination (Will be publicly available)

Contact information of person submitting nomination (Will NOT be publicly available)

Section 2:

Nomination Name/Title (Will be publicly available)

Brief description of nomination (Primarily for marketing) (Will be publicly available). 500-word limit.

Executive Summary (Primarily for judging) (Will be publicly available)

  • Should be limited to one (1) page
  • Summarize how your nomination advances human wellness through the design or use of IT
  • Summarize the challenges faced by the innovation (economic, logistical, developmental, etc.) and how they have been (or will be) overcome
  • Summarize the short-term and long-term milestones and achievements

Section 3: This section allows nominees to explain in depth why their initiative should be recognized with a Catalyst Award. It has a maximum of 5 pages. The information provided in this section will not be made public without consent of the nominee. During the process for uploading your nomination packet, you will be asked if you consent to make information in Section 3 publicly available. Your answer has no bearing on the judging of this award.

Impact – Describe the projected or demonstrated benefits your nomination has on human wellness through the design or use of sustainable IT. Impacts may be direct or indirect, immediate or long-term. Some aspects to consider:

  • How is the nomination superior to current solutions?
  • How broad is the impact (local, regional, national, international)?
  • Does your nomination have any potential trade-offs with regard to human wellness?

Innovation – Describe why your nomination is innovative, and how it compares to the current solution(s). We are broadly defining innovation to mean new technologies, processes, products or policies, or using existing electronics in a new way. How might your nomination inspire and/or be used by other organizations?

Commercial Viability – Describe how your nomination is viable in both the short- and long-term.

  • Can the nomination be scaled, or has it already been scaled, to widespread deployment?
  • Describe the short-term and long-term milestones for the innovation
Judging Criteria

The Catalyst Awards Judging Committee will recommend an Award to nominations that demonstrate the greatest Advancements to Human Wellness through IT. To make this determination, the judges will use the following weighted criteria:

  • Impact on Human Wellness (direct and indirect) (50% of the final score)
  • Overall Innovation (25% of the final score)
  • Commercial Viability (25% of the final score)

Nominations must address all three sections to be eligible for a 2018 Catalyst Award. Providing quantitative evidence of a positive impact is strongly encouraged but not required.

Selection Process

Nominations were submitted online using the form available on this page. Nominations were to include an Adobe .PDF version of the nomination packet, uploaded using the upload/attach tool within the form.

All nominations will go through an initial screening process by the Green Electronics Council for appropriateness, completeness, and the degree to which they address the requirements before being sent to the Judging Committee. The Judging Committee will review Finalist nominations as selected by the Green Electronics Council.

The winners of the 2018 Catalyst Awards will be selected by a Judging Committee composed of third-party experts. Decisions of the Judging Committee will be based on the criteria specified above and calculated via scoring sheets. The Committee’s decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Important Dates
  • March 26, 2018: Catalyst Award nomination process begins via Green Electronics Council website
  • July 19, 2018: Nomination period closes
  • August 15, 2018: All applicants are notified of their nomination’s status. Winners may begin booking travel to attend the Awards presentation at the 2018 Connected Health Conference in Boston
  • October 17-19, 2018: Winners are recognized during a ceremony at the Connected Health Conference
Legal Considerations

Information submitted in a nomination shall be the intellectual property of the applicant, should not infringe on others’ intellectual property, and shall not include confidential business information. Before submitting a nomination, confirm with the appropriate advisors or legal counsel that any intellectual property described in the plan is appropriately protected.

The awards ceremony may be open to the public. This session may be broadcast to interested persons through media that may include radio, television and the Internet. Any data or information discussed or divulged by Award entrants in public sessions should be considered information that will likely enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged or presented in these sessions.

The authors of the nomination submission will retain all copyrights to the submission regarding its use at all times prior to and following the Awards judging except as stated below. Due to the nature of the Awards, the Green Electronics Council will not ask judges, reviewers, staff or the audience to agree to or sign non-disclosure statements for any participant.

The organizer of the Green Electronics Council’s Catalyst Awards may make photocopies, photographs, videotapes and/or audiotapes of the presentations including material prepared for use in the Awards ceremony. By entering the competition, you agree to grant a release to the organizers, sponsors and funding sources of the competition to use such materials without restriction. Additionally, four items that are required for registration may be shared by the Green Electronics Council publicly: 1. Nomination name/title, 2. Brief description of nomination, 3. Executive Summary, 4. Name of the organization being recognized in the nomination. For your protection, do not enter confidential information in any of these fields. The long nomination submission will only be seen by the staff of the Green Electronics Council and members of the Judging Committee.

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